BarBacon Approved

Hello Bacon Lovers,

BarBacon tries a lot of bacon and while I have yet to meet a bacon I’d turn down, some are unmistakingly better. It is in this spirit we shaped our mission: To search out and find the countries best. It is a delicious quest, yes, but sadly not without its reservations. Most notably that there is no trusted source currently available for finding the “best” bacon and once found…bacon is regrettably expensive. This revelation has not and will not deter us. We are steadfast in our mission and our charge, more of a lifestyle, will prove bountiful for all. We aim to chronicle our quest by creating our own comprehensive list of the countries best bacon. “Approved by BarBacon.” Never again will someone not have the answer to the only question ever worth asking: “What is the best Bacon?”

The List


BUFFALO GAL – Swebian Hall Pork Bacon
Nice thick cut bacon with high fat content that cooks up chewy and not crisp. This bacon I would classify more as bacon candy that you would eat on its own rather than using as additions to sandwiches or composed dishes. It has rich lingering sweet notes of maple and sugar rather than a porky or even salty aftertaste.


BUFFALO GAL – Wild Boar Bacon
Delicious bacon, very mild, if at all, gamey. Thick cut so it cooks up chewy not crisp, but with the sweet undertones and high sugar cure we prefer it that way.


FATHER’S COUNTRY HAMS – Maple Country Bacon
Flavored with pure maple sugar made from maple sap extracted from wild natural maple trees on a farm that has been producing maple syrup since 1853. Great Maple flavor that dominates the flavor Profile. You can’t cook this bacon to a crispy texture because the sugars will burn, so if you are looking for crisy bacon this is not it.


NODINE’S – Applewood
Old World Apple Smoked Bacon. Smoked with apple pomace from the cider mill and hickory hard wood. This is a terrific bacon that has less salty flavor then most artisanal style bacon, really nice balance of fat to meat and mild smoke flavor.


NODINE’S – Bayou
Nodine’s old world bayou bacon, naturaly smoke with hickory and hard wood. Spiced with the flavors of the Bayou, bringing depth of flavor to the bacon without losing the smoky porky flavor all bacon requires.


NODINE’S – Garlic
Great balanced salt and smoke flavor and as advertised, definite garlic present in every bite.


NODINE’S – Maple
Pure Maple Syrup Flavored Bacon and it is excellent. Maple flavors ring through but no so much they disguise the bacon. This bacon as well can be cooked in a sauté pan and crisped up to your preference which is uncommon for high sugar cured bacons.


OZARK TRAILS – Smoked & Peppered Bacon
The same old world recipe as our Ozark Trails Hickory Smoked Bacon with one tasty exception: it’s rolled in brown sugar and hand rubbed with cracked fresh black peppercorns prior to smoking.


BURGERS’ SMOKEHOUSE – Sliced Country Jowl
Hand cured and hickory smoked, we loved this alternative bacon. Strips came smaller then traditional belly strips but when cooked, they fried up like bacon potato chips with great porky bacon flavor.